Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dum Dum Girls Interview

I interviewed Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls at Bardens Boudoir in Dalston a wee while ago and just found it again so this is for you...if you like that kind of thing;

There is no doubt that Dum Dum Girls are hot property right now in more ways than one and judging by the crowd who have turned out to watch them play on a damp weeknight at Bardens Boudoir in Dalston, they are firmly on the new music radar. Fresh off a plane from the USA, despite their lingering jet lag, they don’t disappoint. Supported by The Human Race and Dalston based Sub Pop label mates Male Bonding, their set goes down well and this all female group’s stylistic aesthetic certainly holds the attention of the (nearly) all male crowd. Their rich sound, lead by singer Dee Dee Penny’s haunting reverb vocals fill the basement and despite the very controlled audience response, the most recognisable songs in their set such as Bright Futures and Jail La La get the most enthusiastic head nods of the night. I catch Dee Dee Penny as she comes off stage after packing up their gear and corner her for a quick chat.

So you’ve timed it pretty well coming to London in time for Fashion Week, have you been able to make it to any shows?

I wish that I had but we’ve had no spare time since we got here. I really like an American designer called Katie Gallagher and I think she may be here tonight, I saw her running around in New York like crazy last week. She was in the same issue of Elle magazine as us so it would be nice to see her. Her designs are all, like, leather and all black, really amazing stuff.

I’ve noticed that black seems to be your colour of choice, coming from L.A. in the sunshine state is that not a bit of an unusual choice?

I’ve worn all black since I was about 12 or 13, I tried some neutrals once it I just felt funny in colours. I always feel weird if I’m not all in black.

A lot of people name checked the Dum Dum girls as the “ones to watch” for 2010, what are your own hot tips for 2010?

I love a lot of my friend’s bands and there are three bands in L.A. at the minute that I love. West Coast, Night Jewel and Pearl Harbour.

Do you have a favourite all time album that no matter how many times you listen to it you never get sick of?

Yea, the first Guns and Roses album! But there are a lot of classic British bands I like too, like Oasis.

British people love a good H.B.O series, is there anything that you simply can’t miss an episode of?

Lets, see, I think the most recent one is the Wire, I love McNulty, he’s British isn’t he? Yea, I love that show.

Where abouts in London are you staying and can you recommend any particularly good hot spots that you like to visit when you’re here?

We’re staying in Camden. The last time I was there was on my honeymoon and I was pretty much drunk the whole time, we spent a lot of time in ‘the good mixer’ but I think we only went there because we were told that’s where hipster people hang out, haha!

Oh, so you’re married? That’ll disappoint the mainly all male crowd tonight!

Yea, I’ve been married for about three years now, my husband is in a band called The Crocodiles, we don’t see each other very often at the minute, but it’s something you’ve got to work through, we both tour a lot but it’s what we have to do so it’s OK.

Finally, as a cheery note to end on, what would Dee Dee Penny want written on her gravestone?

Haha, f**k, I would say I would have to quote Morrissey….”Dee Dee Penny: There is a light that never goes out”.

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